Our Capabilities

mCritical Infrastructure Consulting Pvt Ltd (mCIC) is a boutique Infrastructure Advisory & Implementation business consultancy that leverages the deep and diverse experience of the firms resources in Project Management, IT&T Infrastructure delivery, and Business Consulting to deliver superior outcomes for our clients.

Our Team leverages our shareholder’s experience of 25+ years  in carrying out complex critical infrastructures like Data Centre, MSC’s, NOC  and other such projects across India mCIC fills a unique role in a business and economic environment increasingly dependent on information technologies and the infrastructure that supports it.

We combine Corporate Strategy, Facilities Management and IT&T to deliver superior ‘Critical Intelligent Facility’ solutions.

New technical innovations are creating knowledge gaps and bigger demands on internal support staff in both the critical facilities and the information technology departments at many organizations. The fast pace of this innovation coupled with shorter and shorter useful life spans has made it difficult to prepare, deliver and maintain optimum solutions, and support a robust ROI on these critical investments.


Like many old adages, the one about, ‘keeping it simple,’ is true, most especially for data centers. The major benefits of simplifying within a data center design are – reduced change of failures due to human error (the most common cause of down time every year) – reduced cost for implementation – and easier systems monitoring, manageability, and maintainability.

Our mantra is to ‘team’ up with the client to ensure a seamless alignment of Corporate, IT&T and Facilities Strategies. We know that “one size does not fit all” and right sizing of Infrastructure is the key to better ROI and sustainability.